Let’s Talk Trash! Good Day Illinois Reports – You Decide!

Freeport charges its residents $12.02 for monthly trash pickup. You are limited to 2 bags of trash plus recyclables. In Rockford residents pay $15.50 for trash pickup, but the difference is that household trash is unlimited, along with unlimited bulk items. 13 to 40 gallon containers or bags can be used, weighing less than 50 lbs. each. The argument in favor of this approach is that it discourages illegal dumping. Freeport has one bulk pickup for a fee some years and the number of items is limited. In addition there is a separate fee if you want your yard waste picked up and it is limited by the number of toters. If you have one toter, cost is $75.00 for season or 6.25 per month. In Rockford there is unlimited household yard waste pickup included in the monthly fee. Now compare for $3.48 more per month you get unlimited pickup weekly of household waste (including bulk items) and lawn waste in Rockford. In Freeport for your monthly fee you are limited to 2 bags a week with no bulk pickup, and there is no lawn waste pickup.

You decide which approach is better and which is a better value.

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