Attention Small Business Owners – Your Electric Rates Could Be Going Up!

If you presently use FirstEnergy Solutions as your supplier, you probably received a letter stating the new rate beginning when your one year contract expires. Look at the rate and compare to your present rate. In reviewing one such letter the increase was over 30%. Do not ignore this letter since there is only a short time to terminate FirstEnergy Solutions as your supplier, and to obtain a new one. This does not apply to residential users since most municipalities (such as the City of Freeport) have negotiated separately on residential rates. If you use a different supplier, be sure to read any correspondence on renewal rates. One letter from FirstEnergy Solutions had the following penalty clause:

You will not incur any termination fee if you tell FirstEnergy Solutions you do not want to renew prior to your September 2013 meter read date. Termination of the agreement after that time will result in a cancellation fee of $1,000 for each account between 15,001 kWh to 100,000 kWh annually, $3,000 for each account using between 100,001 kWh to 400,000 kWh annually, and $5,000 for each account using more than 400,000 kWh annually.

Wow – what a penalty for not reading a letter and then trying to change your electric supplier!


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