Case of the Week – If You Buy Lottery Tickets You Better Have a Will When You Win Million Dollar Jackpot!

A Chicago man 46 years old buys a lottery ticket and wins a million dollar jackpot. Days before collecting a lump sum settlement of $425,000 he dies. The night before he died he had dinner with his wife, daugher, and father-in-law. At first it was ruled that he died of natural causes, but when tests were made, it was determined that his blood contained a lethal level of cyanide His death is now considered a homicide, but no one has been arrested. The wife and daughter by a previous marriage reached a settlement dividing his estate. He did not have a will. The moral of this story is that if you win the lottery, be sure to tell everyone that you have a will and that none of them are beneficiaries under the will. That way everyone will have a reason to keep you alive! See story at


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