What Hasn’t Changed in Forty Years? Buying a Car Is Still Pure Hell!

Your car is getting older and you think it may be time to buy a new car. Having been fairly happy with present car, you go to the dealer who sold you the car. You indicate you would like to trade in your present car for a new model of the same car. All of the service on your car has been done at the dealership. You know you paid a premium for the service over the years, but you thought it would be worth it when you got ready to sell it or trade it in. Dream on! While you go for a test drive, the dealer appraises your car. When you get back, the sales person sits down with you and gives you the cost of the new car which has only been discountly slightly. You are told there is great demand for this model! Now the sales person says, I know you will not be happy with the value placed on your car. You are then given the amount the dealer will give you for your car which is substantially less less than the Kelly Blue Book trade in value. Shocked, you ask why so low? Then the sales person gets the used car person (they always work in tandem), and you are told that the market for your car is not good since only four wheel drive vehicles with snow plows are selling at this time. In disbelief you say you sold me this car and now you tell me it is worthless! They say nothing and you leave in shock. So much for buying a new car!

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