Mayor Gitz Along with Faithful Companion, Alderman Tom Klemm, Leads Freeport, Illinois in Wrong Direction!

   Mayor Gitz in his weekly column in the Journal Standard talks about improving the community by tearing down buildings in the City’s 3rd ward.   The Mayor and 1st Ward Alderman, Tom Klemm, have forgotten that there are also other Wards in the City of Freeport.  Unfortunately, people in the rest of community accept the Mayor’s policy of benign neglect which is simply stated as follows – Let the rest of the city rot while most of the City’s resources are directed to the downtown and the 3rd Ward.    People in the rest of the City don’t complain – they just sell their homes and leave.   This is a sad commentary on the City of Freeport, but it is true.  

Oh by the way, there is a Freeport City Council Meeting tonight (May 18) if you want to watch the duo of Gitz and Klemm in action.  (6:00 pm 524 W. Stephenson Street, 3rd Floor – Watch live on Comcast Channel 17) 

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