Legislators in Springfield Want Soda Tax Again – Guess What They Also Want Next?

Coupled with the Soda Tax is a little known proposal to change the fees for driver’s licenses in Illinois. Next time you renew your driver’s license, the fee will be based on your weight. The basic fee would be $50.00 for the first 100 pounds, and $3.00 a pound for each additional pound over 100 pounds. Some state lawmakers believe the proposal would raise over a billion dollars the first year, and would also have health benefits by encouraging people to lose weight and save money. The proposal does contain a couple of exceptions where your weight would not be a factor, and your license fee would be a flat $50.00. The following would be excused: those with a medical excuse for their weight, and all Illinois State Employees, including our legislators, who have gotten fat on generous state government benefits. Now, for the really bad news. The State will now verify the weights on the driver’s licenses of all Illinois residents. To accomplish this, scales will be installed at all facilities. So next time when you renew your license, you will be weighed and you will hear the weight czar at the driver’s facility yell out for all to hear – “Another fat one, 220 pounds. Give me $410.00, and we will renew your license.” Only in Illinois!

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