If You Are In Florida at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, You Better Be Ready to Prove You Are a Veteran!

This Memorial Day Weekend I Went to ABC Fine Wine & Spirits in Largo, Florida. When I took my purchase to the counter, the clerk asked me if I were a veteran and I replied, “Yes, I served in the United States Army.” He replied – PROVE IT. Since I gave up carrying my draft card or other form of military identification over 40 years ago, I could not prove it. I paid the bill, and asked what I would have received for being a veteran. He replied a 10% discount. Frankly, I don’t care about their 10% discount. I do find offensive the phrase “Prove It.” Most of us who have served this country are proud of our service, and we do not feel we must be ready to prove it to anyone. And to ABC Fine Wine & Spirits in Largo, Florida, I say – Prove to me that you deserve to be in business in this country.

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