Freeport, Illinois – Previously on Notice of Dangerous Conditions Along Woodside Drive – Now Fence Posts Sprouting on Woodside Drive

Who runs Freeport? How can the Freeport police drive along Woodside Drive, and fail to take action when there is an obvious ordinance violation? Last winter there were fence posts along one side of Woodside Drive, and nothing was done. Now fence posts are on both sides creating a narrow obstacle course for drivers and snow plows. Why must the citizens of this community have to tolerate obvious ordinance violations. The answer is simple. The police and the current administration do not care about many areas of Freeport. It is up to the citizens in certain areas of this community to protect themselves. It is a sorry situation. And to the “Vote Yes for Freeport Group,” I say to you that a City Manager is not the answer, unless the people of Freeport take control of this community, and insist that public officials do their jobs. Until the citizens of this community demand that public officials do their jobs, and when they fail to do them, insist that they be replaced, this community will not be a good place to live.

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