Freeport, Illinois Leads the Way – Undocumented Dogs Will Be Dealt With!

Alex Mills, Community Development Director for the City of Freeport, has again taken the lead in proposing a new ordinance to deal with the problem of undocumented dogs within the City of Freeport. He has proposed that all dogs be registered, and a DNA registry be established for all Freeport dogs. If residents find dog waste in their yards, they only need to drop off samples of the waste at City Hall. They will be sent to a laboratory for analysis. If there is match to a dog in the registry, the owner will be notified and fined. If there is no match, the problem will be referred to the police department to investigate. Unfortunately, the Freeport Police Chief has already stated that his department is too busy to deal with undocumented dogs, and that he will not enforce the law. Mayor Gitz says that the refusal of the Police Chief to enforce the law should be referred to the new City Manager.  

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