Freeport, Illinois – Where City Officials Believe Deer Can Read!


Freeport, Illinois is a city where deer run rampant, and the city administration, council members, and city employees have done nothing for years. A few years ago, the City spent $50,000 to beautify certain areas of the City. What a joke! The deer have done hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to residential properties in this City. The City has grants for sidewalks and façade improvements. The time has come for grants to reimburse citizens for deer damage. I guess I did forget that the City has done something about the deer in the City. The City has posted “deer crossing signs” such as the one on South Street right before Burchard! That is as stupid as the City’s do nothing deer policy. Maybe the deer are smarter than City officials, and the deer can read. Then the solution to the deer problem is simple. The City can furnish residents with signs with the following message: Attention All Deer – Please Do Not Eat My Shrubs. Now for the sad part – there are City officials who believe that is a reasonable solution.

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