Freeport, Illinois – A City That Needs a New Direction!

city hall

The real estate taxes on our small office building in the City of Freeport between 2006 and 2016 increased 51%.  The rate of inflation during that period was 21%.   During the “Great Recession,” values of commercial and residential real estate fell drastically in most cities.  In Freeport any rational person, including appraisers and realtors, would confirm this fact.  Unfortunately, the Freeport Assessor in most cases did not reduce assessments as values dropped.   To make matters worse, taxing bodies continued to increase tax rates each year.  Freeport tax rates between 2006 and 2016 increased 31% (inflation 21%).  In addition, the City imposed and increased other taxes.  Someone asked me why something isn’t done.  My response – residents of Freeport like high taxes.  They had a chance to change the direction of the Freeport Assessor’s Office, but voted for a person who would continue the policies of the past.   I guess those who wanted equity in the assessment process, and some degree of fiscal responsibility gave up and left the City.  A continuation of the tax and spend policies is a recipe for disaster.  This applies to every taxing body, not just the City of Freeport.

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