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Two Big Events in Downtown Freeport This Weekend – Music on Chicago Friday, August 8 and Cruise Night Saturday, August 9!

Music on Chicago, August 8 – 5:30 to 11 pm on Chicago Avenue between Main and Stephenson Street in downtown Freeport. Enjoy Freeport’s historic downtown with this music fest featuring two bands, great food and a beer garden, plus an open air market on Chicago between Stephenson and Exchange from 4 pm to dusk the same night. This concert features “Rock on Chicago” with Big Daddy Woo Woo. The first band starts at 6 pm and the second band at 8 pm.

For more info on Big Daddy go to http://www.bigdaddywoowoo.net/Home

20140806-113531-41731687.jpgCruise Night, August 9 – 4 to 10 pm in downtown Freeport. There will be live music by Johnny Rocker on the FHN Stage, a food court offering a variety of tasty choices, and three contests: the Soundwerks Plus and Tailor Made Autoworks LLC Sound Off Contest, the Gary’s Collision & Customs Muffler Rapping Contest , and the Dan’s Route 66 Service Burn Out Contest. There will be the Pearson Antique Car Lot (by invitation only), Skinner’s Hot Rod Alley (by invitation only), a Motorcycle parking area (sponsored by A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois, Freeport Chapter), two main parking lots, the Jiffy Lube West Lot and the Total Touch Up East Lot, for the classic cars, and cruising all night long. Midwest Mobile Dyno will be offering the chance to check your horsepower. In addition, downtown restaurants Main Street Bistro, PJ’s Stephenson Street Station, and This Is It Eatery will be open. PJ’s will also offer the band The Fresh Hot Fritters playing classic rock from 8 pm to Midnight plus they will have a pulled pork sandwich meal from 11 am until 8 pm. Souvenir t-shirts and photo booth will be available at the intersection of Exchange and Chicago.

For more details go to http://www.freeportcruisenight.org/

If You Like Country – Enjoy Music on Chicago in Downtown Freeport, Illinois on Friday, July 18 – Featuring Jamie Campbell & The Redneck Romeos

20140716-081011-29411661.jpg5:30 to 11 pm on Chicago Avenue between Main and Stephenson Street in downtown Freeport. Enjoy Freeport’s historic downtown with this music fest featuring two bands, great food and a beer garden, plus an open air market on Chicago between Stephenson and Exchange from 4 pm to dusk the same night. This concert features “Country in Chicago” with The Eugene Smiles Project at 6:00 pm and Jamie Campbell & The Redneck Romeos at 8:00 pm.

For more info on the Romeos http://www.jamiecampbelltheredneckromeos.com/ and for info on the Smiles Project go to http://www.theeugenesmilesproject.com/

TIF, TIF, TIF – That is the Question! Public Hearing at Freeport City Council Meeting Tonight, July 7, 2014 on New Meadows TIF.

The meeting will begin at 6:00 pm in the City Council Chambers at 524 West Stephenson Street, 3rd Floor. If you have Comcast Cable, go to channel 17 to watch live.

The major item on the agenda is the public hearing on the new Meadows TIF (Tax Increment Financing District) consisting of 173.5 acres. A TIF creates funding for public or private projects by borrowing against the future increase in property tax revenues. Every TIF shifts the tax burden to home owners and small businesses since any increase is property tax revenues will be used to subsidize businesses in the TIF. Freeport has many TIF’s established to help such diverse areas or businesses as downtown Freeport, Walmart and Menards, and Heritage Woods on Pearl City Road. A TIF will only last 23 years, and then they will again start contributing their share of real estate taxes! Freeport has lots of TIF’s.

For the Project Plan and Eligibility Report, go to http://www.ci.freeport.il.us/departments/Freeport%20RPA%20Meadows%20TIF%20Public%20Draft_05-09-14.pdf

Other items on the agenda:

New equipment for the Fire Department:

Approval of bid from Bocker Auto Group for $32,251.31(with trade) for 2015 red Chevrolet Tahoe

Requesting action from the City Council to waive the formal bidding process and approve the purchase of a new PUC fire engine from Pierce Fire Apparatus, Appleton Wisconsin in an amount not to exceed $540,000 financed over a period of 60 months.

Update from Community Development Director on transit phone system. Listing of bid amounts at http://www.cityoffreeport.org/OrdRes/DH%20RPT%20Cell%20Phone%20Quotes%2020140707.pdf

For the complete agenda, go to

Click to access A20140707.pdf

More TIF’s in Freeport’s Future!

Freeport City Council Meeting Monday, May 6, 2014, 6:00 pm
City Council Chambers at 524 West Stephenson Street, 3rd Floor
If you have Comcast Cable, go to channel 17 to watch live.

Some items of interest on the agenda:

Appointment of Todd Barkalow as Chief of Police.

Another new TIF (Tax Increment Financing District)? An ordinance authorizing study to determine eligibility of property for a TIF. What a joke! Why waste money on a study. All of Freeport would quality as TIF according to the rules! By the way, must be a secret area since location not included in ordinance (at least not online). In any event, remember each TIF just shifts tax burden to homeowners and small businesses.

Resolution to co-sponsor music at Debate Square with Lincoln-Douglas Society on July 3, 17, 24, and 31 from 7: 30 to 9:00 pm.

For the full agenda go to:

Click to access A20140505.pdf

While They Laugh at Freeport in Rockford, Freeport City Council at special meeting on April 14 passes resolution begging Governor to expand passenger service to Freeport and Galena.

Freeport is “temporarily out luck” as characterized by Freeport hater and columnist Chuck Sweeny for the Rockford Register Star. What Mr. Sweeny really meant to say – screw you Freeport. You will get rail service just like you got a four lane road to Dubuque! Rockford knows that Freeport, at least prior to Mayor Gitz, had weak and ineffective leadership. We all see the results. Perhaps, Rockford will send the Freeport City Council complimentary tickets for the first train from Rockford to Chicago in 2015. I am sure under the leadership of Alderman Tom Klemm that the rest of the gang of eight will adopt a resolution thanking Rockford for the complimentary tickets! Perhaps, they can get a few extra tickets and invite Columnist Chuck Sweeny to lead the Freeport delegation along with former Freeport Mayor, George Gaulrapp.

By the way there is a Freeport City Council meeting on Monday, April 21 at 6:00 pm at 524 W. Stephenson St., third floor. It will be televised on Comcast Channel 17.

Items of Interest:

Proclamation regarding “Comcast Cares Day” on April 26.

Memorandum regarding start date of new Community Development Director – April 28 instead of April 21.

Resolution for engineering services with Fehr Graham for portion of Jane Addams Trail. Fee will be cost plus about $133,000. Once the trail is done, you can ride your bicycle to Rockford to catch the train to Chicago. Perhaps, Freeport and Rockford can get together and establish warming stations for winter travel on the trail. With the trail, Freeport doesn’t really need train service to Chicago!

For a complete agenda go to

Click to access A20140421.pdf

Rockford Gets Rail Service to Chicago – Freeport Gets Nothing as Usual!

Illinois Map

When will Freeport wake up?

Rockford doesn’t give a damn if Freeport gets rail service.

Governor Quinn doesn’t care about Freeport – not enough votes.

Our Congresswoman Bustos doesn’t care about Freeport – She can get elected without Freeport’s help. Talk about an ineffective representative for our part of Illinois.

The Journal Standard, Freeport’s local newspaper, had an article on April 11 by Chuck Sweeny, a columnist for the Rockford Register Star (both owned by the same company) announcing that rail service would just go to Rockford. No service to Freeport. It just stated the facts. Then you should read Sweeny’s column in the Rockford newspaper. He wrote a column praising Governor Quinn saying about Quinn “He made service to Rockford a top priority and followed through.” One story for Freeport and Praise Quinn story for Rockford. Chuck Sweeny is no friend of Freeport or Northwest Illinois west of Rockford. Freeport should wake up.

Rockford is a “user.” When they want something, they talk about regional cooperation. That should end. It should begin with Chicago Rockford “International” Airport. A nice little airport with third rate air service. Shop in Rockford? Every time you go to Rockford your life is on the line with its high crime rate As long as you are driving, you might as will continue to Woodfield with real stores. Yes, Rockford has played the rest of Northwest Illinois for fools for years – AND THAT MUST END.

City of Freeport Threatens Property Owners – Letter to All Property Owners Shifts Burden to Taxpayers to Prove They Don’t Own Residential Rental Properties!

On March 6 all property owners in Freeport received a letter from the Freeport Police and Community Development Departments advising them of the requirement to register their rental properties. The letter stated that it was being sent to residential rental property owners based on information obtained from the Stephenson County Assessor’s taxpayer records. That Assessor’s Office is certainly a mess if they think every taxpayer in Freeport owns rental properties. The burden is put on the taxpayers of Freeport to notify the City by email or calling if the letter was sent to the taxpayer in error (means taxpayer does not own residential rental properties).

Another bureaucratic nightmare! Why don’t they send letters to every taxpayer in Freeport asking them about the condition of the streets around their homes?

When will the Freeport City Council wake up and start doing its job – instead they are in chronic slumber land!

Civil War Monument Expo until March 30, 2014

The historic Civil War Monument in downtown Freeport, dedicated in 1871 and on the National Register, is in need of repair. This Expo showcases the monument and the repair efforts. In addition, the Expo includes a display of Civil War memorabilia provided by the Stephenson County Historical Society . The Expo can be viewed at the Freeport/Stephenson County Visitors Center, 4596 US Highway 20 East, Freeport from 8 am to 6 pm. 815.233.1357

To read more about the monument and how you can donate, go to http://www.monumentfund.org/index.html


Northwest Illinois Has Plenty of Snow – Lots of Good Winter Activities


Winter activities in the Freeport Parks include ice skating, ice hockey, sledding, and cross Country skiing. The ice skating and hockey are Read Park while the sledding is at Krape Park.
At Oakdale you can enjoy cross-country skiing, and if you don’t have skis (or snowshoes), you can rent them for the weekend at the Park District main office in Read Park. Go to the Park District website for details at http://www.freeportparkdistrict.org/ and look under programs, winter activities.

And don’t forget snowmobiling –

There are over 300 miles of marked trails for snowmobiling in Northwest Illinois, including on the Jane Addams Trail between Freeport and Wisconsin. Detailed trail maps are available at the Freeport/Stephenson County Visitors Center, 4596 US Highway 20 East, Freeport. Call 800.369.2955 for snowmobile conditions.

Freeport City Council Starts New Year By Approving Rental Housing Computer Program for $11,595 Plus Annual Fee of $1,595 With No Dissenting Votes!


Give the bureaucrats a new program and they will figure out how to spend money. The program already has two employees (half time each) and next they will request new offices to house the program! This is just the start – after that will come a new building devoted entirely to the rental program. Look at Freeport Township – its own building. It’s good to know that Freeport has the unlimited funds to finance such ventures!