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Where Have All the Letters Gone? Long Time Passing. Workers at Carol Stream Have Picked Them Everyone. When Will They Ever Learn?

Our mail from this area is now transported to Carol Stream to be sorted instead of Rockford. There was letter to the Editor in the Rockford paper recently complaining that they were not receiving all of their bills. To make matters worse letters are being returned for incorrect addresses when the addresses are correct. One person said that he has lived at the same address for almost 20 years, and in June a bill sent to him was returned to the sender. The sender called him asking if he had moved! This same individual never received his July Comcast bill. It is an old excuse when you do not pay a bill on time to say that you did not receive it. If you live in Northwest Illinois, it is probably true. Most of the workers in Carol Stream don’t even know where Freeport or Lena is located! Such poor business practices are just accelerating the destruction of the U.S. Postal System. The future is now – one must receive and pay bills online which is driven by the U.S. Postal System.