Freeport Mayor Gitz Has Let Us Down – Freeport Deserves Better

On August 19 Good Day Illinois stated that Mayor Gitz had been in office for 90 days, and let’s see what he does at the council meeting that evening. Remember he reappointed all department heads upon assuming office for 90 days so he could evaluate each department. At the meeting on August 19 he either reappointed four department heads permanently or on an interim basis for another 90 days. Let’s look at these appointments:

Tom Dole – reappointed Public Works Director. Look at the streets and the condition of this community. Mayor Gitz voted for 4 more years of the same.

Shelly Griswold – reappointed on interim basis up to 90 days as Community Development Director. Again look at the last 8 years and you decide. How long does it take for Mayor Gitz to decide? The President of the United States can choose a Secretary of State faster than Mayor Gitz can find a Community Development Director. Does Mayor Gitz have trouble making decisions?

Jerry Whitmore – reappointed on interim basis up to 90 days as Police Chief. Look at the crime rate in this community and the allocation of our police resources. You decide if you want the same policies continued.

Sarah Griffin – reappointed Corporation Counsel. Look at the Carnegie Library debacle, the Comcast Cable office closing, and the handling of other legal issues. The continual hiring of outside counsel and a City Attorney hired by Ms. Griffin who prosecutes traffic and misdemeanor cases like they are murder cases unless your name is Jesse Jackson (and then he dismisses them). A full time corporation counsel should have time to do the work the City Attorney is now handling, and in addition there should be limited use of outside counsel. Mayor Gitz voted for 4 more years of the same.

The citizens of Freeport by electing Mr. Gitz voted for change. Now as Mayor, Mr. Gitz has reappointed two individuals who were an integral part of the administration of the previous mayor and his disastrous policies. Failure to immediately deal with the Community Development Director and Police Chief does bode well for the future. So much for a new direction for Freeport!


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