Weather Channel Should Be Called Weather Entertainment Channel!

The Weather Channel at one time really did give the weather. Since it was purchased by NBC in 2008, it has in recent years become just another source of entertainment. When you turn on the channel to get the weather, you often just get programs on topics only marginally related to the weather such as one of its newest programs dealing with prospectors. During the recent cold weather in the Midwest, the weather persons had a field day in their warm studios in Atlanta talking about the cold weather. Terms such as “killer cold” were thrown around by individuals who looked like the coldest weather they had even seen was the morning frost on their cars in Atlanta. The U.S. Weather Bureau names hurricanes, but not winter storms, so the Weather Channel decided that America needs to name its winter storms. What a joke! The last winter storm was named Ion – so the Weather Channel could then say – “Ion Blasts Plains.” For most of us it would be enough to say – It looks like another cold, snowy and windy day tomorrow – dress warmly. The Weather Channel would say – It looks like another killer day where you will die in minutes outside with the snow making travel impossible and the winds are so strong that you will be unable to walk. Give America a break and go back to reporting the weather!

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