Last Area County Fair Starts This Week – Winnebago County Fair August 12 – 17 at Pecatonica, Illinois

IMG_3332.JPGSome of the fair events:

Tuesday, August 12
Motocross 6:30 pm

Wednesday, August 13
Rodeo 7:00 pm

Thursday, August 14
Semi-Tractor Pulls 6:30 pm

Friday, August 15
Farmer’s Class Tractor Pulls 1:00 pm

Friday, August 15
Badger State Tractor Pulls 6:30 pm

Saturday, August 16
Jamie Campbell & the Redneck Romeos 6:00 pm

Saturday, August 16
Gracia Harrison – season 3 of “The Voice”
7:00 pm

Sunday, August 17
Demo Derby
1:00 pm

For a full schedule of events go to

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