What’s Wrong with the Freeport School District? – Everything from Low Test Scores to Almost 60% of Your Real Estate Taxes Going to the This District!

IMG_3387.JPGJanice Crutchfield, president of the Freeport School Board, on the district’s website states that the school superintendent, Roberta Selleck, will be on Administrative Assignment until further notice. In her statement the Board President states that the superintendent told a member of the media and some members of her staff that she (the superintendent) was staying home to care for her husband. Crutchfield then stated that this was not the basis for granting the leave request. See http://www.freeportschooldistrict.com/Page/1 On August 17 it was reported in the Journal Standard that Selleck was being paid during the leave and that former superintendent Peter Flynn was being paid $750 per day to lead the district. It’s nice to know that the Freeport District has this kind of money to throw around. Who cares? – certainly not this school board or administration. Just raise the tax rates so we can pay people for doing nothing!

What will happen next? Will Selleck leave the district with a big separation agreement? Don’t be surprised! Selleck previously received $239,000 under a separation agreement from her job in Adams County School District 50, Adams County Colorado in 2011. See http://denver.cbslocal.com/2011/04/15/roberta-sellecksuperintendent-severance-deal/

It is said that history repeats itself, but let’s hope this is not the case with Selleck.

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