If You Think It’s Time for Change in Freeport, Consider Running for the Freeport City Council!

The City of Freeport will hold an election to nominate candidates for the offices of Alderman in Wards 1 through 7 and the Alderman At-Large on the following dates:

Consolidated Primary will be held on February 24, 2015 (Nominating petitions must be filed November 17 – 24)

Consolidated Election will be held on April 7, 2015

The terms of office for Alderman in 2015 shall be:

First Ward – 4 year term – Present alderman – Thomas Klemm who is totally in effective. Once he stated something to the effect that he was lucky that his ward did not have any problems so he could devote himself to the rest of the city. Where does this man live? On the good ship Lollypop.

Second Ward – 2 year term – Present alderman – Shawn Boldt

Third Ward – 4 year term – Ronnie Bush, the present alderman, does a good job of representing his Ward. Forget the rest of the City.

Fourth Ward – 2 year term – Jennie DeVine, the present alderman, is a nice person whose biggest contribution on the Council was to wish her constituents “Happy Birthday.” Not too bad – that’s more than most of the aldermen have done for their constituents!

Fifth Ward – 4 year term – Present alderman – Dennis Endress (picture above at last council meeting) – In the same category as Thomas Klemm. The difference is that Mr. Endress knows his limitations, and keeps quiet.

Sixth Ward – 2 year term – Sally Brashaw was appointed to represent this ward by Mayor George Gaulrapp at the end of his term. Enough said. If you think George Gaulrapp was a good mayor, then you should like Sally Brashaw.

Seventh Ward – 4 year term – Present alderman – Mike Koester – His problem is his background. He views everything from the viewpoint of someone who has worked for the government and who has forgotten who pays the bills. Fiscal responsibility is not a word in his vocabulary.

Alderman-At-Large – 4 year term – Andrew Crutchfield – This alderman is no longer effective, and has faded in the last two years after he ran for mayor and lost. He should be replaced by someone who can constructively deal with the problems facing Freeport.

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