Where Have the Vote “Yes” People Been the Last 20 Years?

What I do not understand is where the members of the “Vote YES for Freeport Committee” have been for the last 20 years. I guess everything was great in Freeport until the last year. The streets were perfect, the deer only took over the City in the last year, the quality of the housing stock was great, crime was not a problem, and our homes and businesses were not over assessed. No problems until the last year or two. At least no problems this group was able to see. Now they propose that Freeport adopt a managerial form of municipal government which I assume they think will be the savior of Freeport. What a simplistic approach! Freeport needs new sources of revenue. Money will help solve Freeport’s problems. A city manager with no money to address the issues will be no better than a mayor with no money. Anyone looks good when you have plenty of money to do whatever is necessary. Maybe the time has come for Freeport to have a city manager, but don’t expect it to solve the problems this City is facing. Just another bureaucrat to pay, and pay, and pay.

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