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Another Good Reason to Have Your Estate Plan Up to Date!


The above article was in the Tampa Bay Times recently, but could been in any paper in this country.   An elderly person loses his assets to someone who is supposed to be helping him.  In this case a 92-year-old man was swindled out of more than $500,000 by a person who ran a company called the Florida Guardianship Services.   The man had appointed this person as his agent to manage his finances, and also to make his healthcare decisions.   It is so important that when you are in good health that you execute appropriate documents to provide for the management of your assets and healthcare in the event you are disabled.  In this case the man had done this, but he failed to name a successor agent to serve when his daughter died.  He was in a nursing home, and the home recommended a professional guardian who later stole from him.   It is important that you review your estate planning documents to be sure that they provide for contingencies such as the death of your primary agent.    Unfortunately, there many people out there who will steal your money if given the opportunity.


Now We Know Why the City of Freeport Is Literally One Big Pot Hole!

 It’s nice to know that we have a city manager in the City of Freeport, Illinois who has the time to look for a new job when he is failing miserably in the City of Freeport.   He better hope the folks in Salem, Virginia do not pay a visit to the City of Freeport.  Then again, good riddance!

Congratulations to Heather McPherson on Passing the Florida State Bar Examination!

McPherson Law Offices is pleased to announce that Heather McPherson has passed the Florida State Bar exam, and that she will be sworn in shortly to become a member of the Florida practicing bar.  Heather took the exam so she can better serve our Illinois clients who have property in Florida, or who have even decided to become permanent residents of Florida.  Many of our clients now have connections to the State of Florida, and the number will probably increase in the future if present trends continue.   In addition to being licensed in Illinois and Florida, Heather is also licensed in Wisconsin.

Freeport, Illinois a City Taken Over by the Bureaucrats

A city manager form of government in theory is a great idea, but it requires a strong city council to keep the bureaucrats under control.  Freeport does not have a strong city council.  Control of the City has been relinquished to a City Manager who thinks he is in the military.  We have department heads who are totally unresponsive to the citizens of this community, and in fact treat them with contempt.    Of course, all of these bureaucrats will be gone in the next few years, but the damage has been done.  Freeport at one time was an oasis of reason in the corrupt State of Illinois, but now it is run like Springfield.    The citizens are treated like a big piggy bank, and when the bank is empty, the bureaucrats move on to their next victim.   Goodbye Freeport, you just don’t get it.


It’s a sad day in this country when the flag of the United States is taken down, and replaced with the flag of Mexico.  The Pledge of Allegiance, if not banned in most of our schools, will soon be optional in our schools.  Students will be allowed to say it in Spanish, and substitute the phrase “flag of Mexico” in the Pledge. 


At the Democrat debate on June 27, all of the candidates said they would give free medical care to those in the country illegally.   Don’t you love those politicians who are so generous with our tax dollars!   It’s easy to spot Democrat candidates for President in a crowd.  Just yell “FREE” and they will all raise their hands!

Illinois Governor Has a Nice Gift for Illinois Residents on July 1, 2019 – LOTS AND LOTS OF NEW TAXES AND FEES!

On July 1, 2019 the Illinois State gas tax will double to 38 cents a gallon.    Illinois has lots and lots of new taxes and fees.   The citizens (term used loosely) of Illinois can thank Governor Pritzker for his leadership when it comes to more taxes and spending.   We know that the gas tax is not the issue, but it is just another example of spending out of control.   My advice to Governor Pritzker would be to smile, and then announce his new taxes in Spanish like some presidential candidates.  It would be less painful since most Illinois citizens do not speak Spanish!