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School District 145, Freeport, Illinois Cannot Be Trusted – District Says Vote on March 18 for a 1% Sales Tax Increase and Your Property Taxes Will Go Down – Believe It and I have Winning Lottery Ticket to Sell You!

Freeport School District 145 is spearheading an effort to add an additional 1% to the sales tax to benefit schools in Stephenson County. Freeport’s District, being the largest, would benefit the most from the additional tax. If passed, the additional tax would raise the Freeport rate to 9.25%. Statements by officials of this District carry no legal weight. Reduce your property taxes one year and double them next year – that is the bureaucratic way. The superintendent and her assistants will move on to their next victim after the Freeport School District has been irreparably harmed. Freeport is a failing district, and more money is not the answer. Let’s spend more time educating the children of this District (not figuring out how to avoid making up “cold” days), and worry less about how you can raise more money from the already overtaxed citizens of this community.

Failing School District Cavalier About Not Teaching Children for Three Days! Yes, It Is Freeport District 145!


Freeport School District has cancelled classes for eight days this winter due to cold and snow. Only five emergency days were included in the schedule, so the District should make-up three days. The district does not want to make up the days, so it is asking for waiver from the regional superintendent. This way they do not need to hold classes for three additional days and will get state aid as if they were holding classes. If one is running a failing business like this school district, I would think you would want to work every day possible. So much for caring about educating the children in this District.

This is the same District that is increasing its tax levy 1.83% and also wants a special 1% sales tax added to the present sales tax.

This is the same District where the most of students are in failing schools which do not meet state averages.

What does it all mean? This administration gets an F for educating the students in this District, but it does get an “A” for finding excuses not to hold classes or to make-up cancelled classes!