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Freeport Mayor Praises Governor Quinn in Recent Column – How Soon We Forget! Freeport’s New Slogan – Give Us A Crumb and We Will Support You Forever!

Mayor Jim Gitz of Freeport in his weekly column in the Journal Standard thanked Governor Quinn for repairs to West Street and Park Boulevard. Mr. Gitz must have a short memory. This Governor has done little for Freeport and Northwest Illinois west of Rockford. Thank the Governor for a 67% income tax increase, thank the Governor for doing nothing on a four lane US 20, thank the Governor for the train from Rockford to Chicago (If you live in Freeport, you can take the bike path to Rockford to catch the train.), thank the Governor for creating a business environment in this state that drives existing businesses out of the state such as MetLife, thank the Governor for destroying existing businesses in this state that cannot afford to leave, and thank the Governor for destroying the lives of many citizens of this state who have lost jobs, homes, and families as a result of his destructive policies. Yes, this Governor has created quite a legacy!