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If You Like to Eat – Read This! Some Day Not in the Too Distant Future!

You go to a restaurant and have a good dinner. After you have finished your entre you start thinking about dessert. The waiter does not mention dessert to you, and in fact just brings you the check. Finally, you ask the waiter if you could have a dessert menu, and the waiter replies that the City where you are having dinner has an ordinance called “Healthy Eating Habits for All – A Program to Reduce Obesity.” You ask the waiter how he decided that you could have no dessert. He says that the ordinance has ten criteria which the wait staff must use in determining whether dessert should be denied to the patron. One of the criteria being that your shirt is too tight in which case you will not get dessert. He tells the patron that he met the too tight shirt requirement and therefore no dessert. As a consolation, the waiter does offer the patron a complimentary salad in place of dessert.

See the future – first they will take away our desserts and next will be our french fries and cheeseburgers. America will become a healthy nation – but at what expense!

Oh, by the way, for lunch treat yourself to a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese at McDonalds – it’s only 750 calories and the rumor is it will soon be banned in New York City!