It’s Monday, October 7 –Let’s Have a Good Week – Fall Is in The Air This Morning!

Thought for the Day – When you apply for ObamaCare, they ask you if you smoke since smokers will pay a higher premium. You are allowed 4 cigarettes a week or if you smoke for religious or ceremonial purposes unlimited cigarettes – I bet a lot of smokers will be getting religion now! In fact maybe Obama should think about passing the peace pipe!

Freeport City Council Meeting Tonight, October 7

6:00 pm at City Council Chambers at 524 West Stephenson Street, 3rd Floor
If you have Comcast Cable, go to channel 17 to watch live. Hopefully, there will be sound for those watching on Comcast. At the September 16 meeting there was no sound. See complete agenda at

Click to access A20131007a.pdf

Somethings of interest on the agenda:

Memorandum from Special Committee of the Freeport City Council recommending purchase of iPads for all council memebers. See Good Day Illinois on September 23, 2013 for comment on iPads! How can members of this council operate iPads when they cannot even get sound for the council meetings?

2nd reading of ordinance dealing with such things parking lot screening, lighting, and parking stall size requirements. On September 16 it was said in Good Day Illinois:

” Don’t build or modify a building in Freeport with a few parking spaces since you will have to spend thousands of dollars on a photometric plan prepared by a lighting professional. This is just a small part of this proposed ordinance. The Gitz administration says it is for economic development, but actions speak louder that words.”

1st reading of ordinance extending to November 5 the time to change portion of Chicago Avenue around the post office to a two way street. Horrible allocation of time and resources. Let’s spend hours on this street and neglect the many other streets which are falling a part and are dangerous!

1st reading of ordinance increasing penalty for violation of Noice Ordinance. This will do a lot of good! What are they going to do – post the fine on every corner in this community! It is nice that our police chief is so concerned about noise – but his priorities are certainly not in order of importance. What are the priorities in this city? Enough said.

Memorandum recommending approval of grants from Downtown TIF Fund for exterior improvments on downtown buildings. Grants total $31,146. The list of grants is worth looking at. It would be nice if the rest of the taxpayers in this city could get grants to help pay for roofs on their homes or small businesses located elsewhere in the city! Remember for every TIF in Freeport it means that the rest of the taxpayers in this city must pay more in taxes to subsidize some of the businesses in the TIF. Of course, we all know that Wal*Mart needs your help!
See list at


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