Mosquitos Infected with West Nile Virus and Freeport School District Have a Lot in Common – Both Bloodsuckers!


IMG_3449.JPGThe Stephenson County Health Department has reported that a bird has tested positive for West Nile virus in the City of Freeport. The virus kills birds and can kill humans if bitten by an infected mosquito. Freeport School District with its high tax levy and reckless personnel policies is killing the City of Freeport. Of course, there is a means to prevent humans from getting bitten by an infected mosquito – wear mosquito repellant. Unfortunately, there is no repellant to protect the citizens of Freeport from the ravages of the reckless spending of the Freeport School District. Until a majority of the present school board is removed, the present policies of this district will not change and the destruction of this community will continue.

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