Have Comcast You Will Travel!

Comcast, the cable, giant used to have an office in Freeport. In fact the requirement to maintain a local office was part of its franchise agreement with the City of Freeport. When your equipment such as your remote or cable box failed, you would take it to the local office in Freeport for replacement. Comcast decided that it did not want to have an office in Freeport, and closed it. The former mayor of Freeport, George Gaulrapp, went to court to try to make them stay and honor the franchise agreement. Of course, he hired outside counsel to handle the matter. You know the result. There is still no office in Freeport. Gaulrapp was no match for Comcast. So sad that the citizens of this community who pay high fees to Comcast each month have no local office. Enjoy your trip to Rockford!

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