Secretary of State John Kerry says Administration Will Go to Hilt to Isolate Russia!

An administration which could not even get a health care program going in three years now says it will go to the hilt to isolate Russia. John McCain said when he looked in Putin’s eyes he saw the letters “KGB.” President Obama looks in Putin’s eyes and he sees a topless dancer from the Bolshoi Ballet.

It is rumored that the Obama administration in order to isolate Russia if it does not withdraw from the Ukraine will do the following:

Cancel Putin’s lifetime pass to Disney World Epcot Center

Deny an export license to Russia for Twinkies

Refuse to share American technology used in American Olympic skating uniforms developed by Under Armour

In cooperation with Great Britain, send Piers Morgan to Russian as a special envoy. Piers will use his charm to persuade the Russians to leave the Ukraine. If that does not work, Piers will threaten to stay in Russia joining the popular evening news program, News from the Gay and Lesbian Community.

And finally if all of the above does not work, John Kerry will then oppose Putin at the 2014 Topless Muscle Contest in Klosterneuburg, Austria.

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